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Home of hit web series Roomieloverfriends, The Couple, The Number, THAT Guy, Hello Cupid, Minute Man, Yellow and Sundance Magnolia Picture's Feature Film- A GOOD DAY TO BE BLACK AND SEXY.

Maann we got the dopest fans in the world! Thank you to all yall who supported from all over the world! we wanted to give a special shout out to the top 5 cities who came out & bought the finale #1 Brooklyn, NY #2 Washington, DC #3 Atlanta, GA #4 Chicago, IL & #5 Houston, TX. Thank you so much, we feel loved. Shout out your city let us know who else is out there!

 Imany Nadia Mladjao Windows of the Soul  by BAR-ART
While you were sleeping we dropped the @thatguyseries mixtape 2.0 with 17 new FIRE tracks from the series. Visit to get your FREE download today!


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